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Homeschool~The Base of the Mountain

Hello friend!

So, you want to start homeschooling.  Wonderful!  I too received the call a few times and let me tell you something, my first piece of advice would be to not wake your husband up at 2 o’clock in the morning telling your husband that this calling has been placed on you and expect a conversation. OK? OK!  Yeah trust me on this one!

Homeschool can be, at times, a lot like mountain climbing. So, you’re standing there at the base of the mountain and you’ve realized, “What have you gotten me into Lord? What are You doing to me?” If, you’ve never hiked a mountain before, it can seem a little overwhelming. You’re standing there at the base looking up just staring and wondering, “OK where do I even begin?  There’s so many paths!  Look at those dark places, what do I do there?  Am I prepared for this?  Better yet, am I equipped for this?” Relax.  Take a deep breath.  It’s not as scary as it looks. God does not call the equipped, He equips those that are called.

One of the wisest rules of thumb when mountain climbing or hiking is to never do it alone.  What would happen if you get lost, stuck or are being attacked?  Who can help you? So, who should you bring?  Well the first person you want to probably consider bringing is your trail guide, the Big Guy, the creator of this mountain.  I mean He’s kind of a big deal and knows all the trails like the back of his hand and can guide you on your paths.

Another person you may want to consider is a peer. Isn’t it more enjoyable doing things with someone else?  Yes, sometimes we like to have time to ourselves and there will be time for that but on a journey like this, it is never a good idea to travel alone.

The final person would be those of wise counsel.  Seek those that have gone before us.  I am so happy that I was connected right away with a welcoming community on Facebook.  I didn’t realize at the time when I joined that I had struck it rich when I joined this community.  I have met some of my best friends through this group.  There are a few ladies somewhere out there that missed out on a pot of gold when they recently attended a conference for Christian women.  I’ll let you read about ‘my’ friend’s experience here but I want to condole my deepest sympathies to the ladies sitting right there at the table.  They missed out on a huge opportunity to be coached and educated by one of many incredible women that I have met from this group.  While their thoughts were so narrow that this older woman could offer no help, they missed out on the opportunity to lock arms with some amazing women that have written books and planners; designed and written curriculum; have podcasts and blogs. Some of these women are known all around the world. My heart breaks for my friend that was hurt but, I feel even more remorseful for the women that ignored her because little did they know that they had a “queen” sitting at their table with many years of personal experience and connections too.

The gist of this is, surround yourself with ALL THE PEOPLE.  The Mighty, the young, the matured, the experienced, the less experienced because so many people on this journey are working together with like minds and they learn from one another. The Mighty brings direction.  The young bring in new fresh ideas.  The matured brings wisdom.   This journey has just begun.  We haven’t even begun to ascend the mountain yet.  I’ve only talked about who to bring.  We have much more to talk about.  You still need to decide what equipment you need to for your climb and so much more so stay tuned.  So, my question is, who have you thought to bring along with you on this journey?

    1. Oh thank you sweet friend! I still have a little ways to go until it’s the way that I want it. It’s my pleasure. You have been such a wonderful friend and mentor. I’m so blessed that our paths have crossed.

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