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Basket of Bread

Life can seem, at times, dark and lonely and especially to those that are in the pits of despair when every thing is going wrong.  We as Christians are told to be fishers of men.  This includes our brothers and sisters that are walking in the same faith because Satan can come to try and overshadow our Light.

One time during our, lack of employment, we had most of our groceries to make up meals for the week ahead but we were lacking a few key ingredients.  This season was one of the hardest ones to be in.  We have always been on the giving side.  It was hard to humble ourselves to be on that receiving line this time.  I had to make a call to our church to ask for funds to make up for a few items we were lacking.  It’s recorded so many different places in the Bible about asking and receiving but it was still hard to ask. A little while later, we had droves of food coming in. It reminded me of the story of the 12 baskets or better known as Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand.  God is previous and knew that we were going to be in need and had already equipped the hearts of His army.

We need to be there for each other.  We need to plant seeds.  For example, take a cup and pour a little bit of dirt then cover it up.  Now, if you nurture it and give it water and light, that seed starts to grow into a plant and grows strength to push the dirt and darkness out of the way so it can grow to the light.  That’s what God’s love can do.  He sends people out in the world to give us food and nourishment.  Never give up on your faith.  Yes, there’s wicked in this world but have faith that there’s still good.  Never underestimate the power of God and His timing.

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